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  • Reflection

    Communicating climate change in Vanuatu through this project proved more streamline than anticipated. The intended aim of this project was to identify the affected areas of marine ecosystems and address where climate change was a leading cause of damage to these environments. In addition, the goal was to enhance local voices in conservation, with community…

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  • News Article: How ni-Vanuatu communities are protecting dugongs and other vulnerable species

    Vanuatu conservationists are prioritising education for small communities to help support dugong protection and survival, with weather conditions worsening due to  climate change. Regarded as the most disaster-prone country in the world by some reports,  the South Pacific country is hit by two to three cyclones per year on average, which devastates coastal environments and…

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  • Report: Grassroots approach to conservation – A case study on Vanuatu marine ecosystems and community efforts to protect them

    For the most disaster prone country in the pacific, climate change has a vast and visible impact on the coastal communities in Vanuatu. Living off the land and utilising natural resources is common practise in Vanuatu. Coastal communities rely on the marine biodiversity in the waters that surround their tribal lands to provide sources of…

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